Barrel Top Deluxe Tray

Barrel Top Deluxe Tray
Arranged on an actual wine barrel top, this amazing and delicious arrangement makes for a stunning presentation piece that will stop any foodie in their tracks!

-6 Cheeses at 1lb. cuts
-1 pt. Cornichons & 1 pt. Olives
-3 assorted meats at 1lb cuts & 1.5 lbs of sliced prosciutto
-Garnish of grapes

This or any tray may be customized (ie. No meat, additional condiments, fruit pastes, more cheese, etc.) Please call the store at 800.547.1515

Diameter: approximately 24" (there may be a slight variance for each top, depending on the barrel it was originally used for.)

Feeds: 30-40 people (depending if other food is being served etc.) - may be made larger if need be

*Shipping is expensive on this item because of weight and perishability! If you are a local you may arrange for pick up or a messenger service (as with any of our items).*

If you can't find what you need, please call us. We have hundreds more items in stock, and can customize any tray or basket. Toll-free: 800.547.1515
This item requires overnight shipping.