LA WEEKLY - Top Chef Masters Update: Norbert Wabnig Judges Cheese Challenge

April 2011
Norbert Wabnig, cheese expert and owner of the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills, made an appearance on Top Chef Masters last night, serving as the cheese challenge Quickfire judge. (Insert "big cheese" joke here.)
The contestants were asked to make a cheese dish, which seemed simple enough, but they only had 12 minutes to do it. Despite the lack of time, though, two chefs stood out as magic makers. Naomi Pomeroy managed to make a skirt steak in that time, which she paired with chaumes cheese toast, and L.A. local Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill made empanadas with cojita and gouda with tomatillo salsa, encased in tortillas made from scratch.

Miliken's speedy work impressed her fellow contestants ("That's like 25 steps!" Pomeroy said) but when it came time for judging, Wabnig wasn't as enthusiastic...
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