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Norbert Plays Meals On Wheels!
I recently co-wrote what might be the new theme song for Meals On Wheels with one of our dear customers, Mrs. Ruthie Grahm. I also performed it with a professional choir at the event.
Meals on wheels is a member organization which provides meal service to those in need. MOWAA is one of the oldest and largest organizations in the United States.
This is the 26th Anniversary of Barbara Lazaroff and Wolfgang Puck putting on the American Food and Wine Festival, which donates all proceeds to Meals on Wheels. Wolfgang, along with a slew of other celebrity chefs cook for the crowd of over 2500 people.
We here at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills were honored to donate what we could and be a part of this wonderful evening that raised over $14 million for Meals On Wheels. To perform a song that I had co-written in front of so many people, and for such a noble cause, was an amazing experience. Producer Chris Desmond, Ruthie Grahm and Jennifer Crowe, thank you for all of your hard work to make this moment possible!
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