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Domenico's Hand Made Pasta

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Our beloved Dominick makes his wonderful products by hand multiple times a week. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients available, his Italian heritage continues to influence his evergrowing line of products. With the amount of dedication and time that goes into making his sundried tomatoes, peppers, tapenades, pestos, and pastas, it comes as no surprise that they are some of our best sellers.

Though we do try to keep full stock of each cut of pasta,we can not guarantee it's availability. Please call the store if you would like to order any of Domenic's fresh hand made pastas.800.547.1515

List of cuts:
-Spaghettiliterallytranslates to"little lines".Maybe one of themost well known cuts,spaghetticomes aslong thin strands. Though it is not incorrect to serve otherwise, Spaghetti is traditionally served with meat or tomato sauces (Marinara or an Arribiata)

-Bucatini comes from the Italian word buco meaning "hole". Bucatini is essentially a thick spaghetti with a hole through it's center. Great for tomato based sauces (Marinara and Arribiata).

-Linguine is slightly wider and flatter than spaghetti. Though there are no hard and fast rules, Linguine is traditionally served with pesto or seafood.

-Fettuccine literally translates to "little ribbons". Slightly wider and flatter than Linguine

-Pappardelle is a 3/4 to 1 inch wide. A large cut that can handle a hardy sauce.

-Penne are smooth, cylinder shaped pasta and pair well with either marinara or pesto.

-Rigatoni derives from the Italian word rigati meaning "ridged". Larger than the Penne, any sauce will compliment this cut.

-Whole Wheat Fettuccine is is made without any flour. Ingredientsinclude whole wheat durum semolina, eggs and trapani sea salt.

*Ingredients in all pasta(except for Whole Wheat): Semolina flour, 00 Flour, trapani salt
*Pasta's cook in 3 to 5 minutes.
*1/2 lbserves 2-4 people
*1 lb serves 3-5 people

*Artisanal Award Winner '09

If you can't find what you need, please call us. We have hundreds of more items in stock. Toll-free: 800.547.1515

This item requires overnight shipping

  Spaghetti- 1 lb $10.00


  Bucatini- 1lb $10.00


  Linguine- 1lb $10.00


  Fettuccine- 1lb $10.00


  Pappardelle- 1lb $10.00


  Penne- 1/2 lb $5.00


  Penne- 1 lb $10.00


  Rigatoni- 1/2 lb $5.00


  Rigatoni- 1 lb $10.00


  Whole Wheat Fettuccine- 1 lb $10.00




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