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Weekly Pairing 5/16/2014

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Elena Walch
Alto Adige D.O.C.
$27 for 750ml

Elena Walch is a super star in the Alto Adige. Her wines are precise and taste like the varietal they are made from (often a rarity). There is no manipulation that takes place in the wine making process. It is pure excellent fruit. Her Gewürztraminer is the benchmark for all Italian winemakers who work with that varietal. In fact it may be the benchmark for all Gewürztraminers. Notably, Gewürztraminer comes from Italy, from the town of Tramin not so far away from the Walch winery. It literally translates to the “spicy Traminer” a varietal with honeyed aromatics that is a perfect match for cheese, or rich creamy foods. Try it with a nice piece of cheese and some rustic bread. I like it with a little shell fish cooked with Thai spices.

Asiago Vecchio
$30 per pound

Asiago is another benchmark of the Italian food and wine experience. It is probably the most famous and possibly the best cheese from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in the north of Italy. It can be used in place of Parmigiano or just crumbled on a plate with a little bread. The Vecchio receives an extra year of aging creating a cheese slightly more salty on the palate. And just a quick bit of trivia: where does the name Asiago come from? Asiago is the town in which its namesake cheese is made.

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  Elena Walch Gewürztraminer Alto Adige D.O.C. 2013 (750 ml) $27.00


  1 lb Asiago Vecchio $30.00*


  1/2 lb Asiago Vecchio $15.00*


  1/4 lb Asiago Vecchio $7.50*




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