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Weekly Pairing 11/8/2013

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Paul Bara
Reserve Brut

The holidays are upon us which means we are able to justify drinking copious amounts of Champagne. I suggest Paul Bara Brut Reserve. Paul Bara is unique in Champagne because his wine is made from grapes he grows himself. Grower-producers offer some of the best quality you can get out of Champagne, in my opinion. The village of Bouzy offers some of the richest and most structured wines in Champagne as they are made mostly of Pinot Noir, even holding up with a main course. Try it with braised veal shoulder cutlets cooked in Champagne, cream, fennel and peas.

Gratte Paille
$15 ea/6.35 oz.

Gratte Paille is a relative newcomer in the world of cheese having its first production in the 1970s. It's triple crème, meaning it has just as much (if not more) butterfat than American butter. It's soft ripening, just like a Brie. When young, it's chalky; but, with a few weeks of age, it becomes gooey, runny and has an intense grassy flavor. In either stage, it's a perfect accompaniment to a glass of Champagne.

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  Paul Bara Reserve Brut Bouzy $56.00 (currently out of stock)

  Gratte Paille- 1 box 6.35 oz $15.00*




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