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Weekly Pairing 10/4/2013

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San Giovanni
Il Lugana

Il Lugana comes from the third winemaking generation of the Pasini family of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. It is this generation that has stepped away from bulk winemaking for the local markets, and delved into fine winemaking of D.O.C. status that truly represents the finer aspects of wine in the region.

Made of the local varietal Turbiana (Trebbiano Di Lugana), their Il Lugana bottling is fantastic and pairs perfectly with antipasti. The wine is slightly straw yellow, light and refreshing, yet flavorful. It also pairs well with freshly and simply prepared lake fish.

Try it with a little chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano Vacche Rosse.

Parmigiano-Reggiano "Vacche Rosse"
$35 per pound

This Parmigiano is the real deal, made from the Reggiana breed of cows that originally roamed the hills outside of Parma. Since World War II, their numbers have dwindled and ordinary black and white milk cows have replaced the cows with the beautiful red coats. The milk in the Vacche Rosse Parmigiano is richer in butter fat, aged a little extra and makes the perfect pairing for most wines. It's the secret ingredient to a perfect risotto.


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  San Giovanni Il Lugana D.O.C. 2012 $18.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Parmigiano-Reggiano "Vacche Rosse" $35.00*


  1/2 lb Parmigiano-Reggiano "Vacche Rosse" $17.50


  1/4 lb Parmigiano-Reggiano "Vacche Rosse" $8.75*




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