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Weekly Pairing 9/20/2013

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Toscana I.G.T.

Although it’s made in Radda in Chianti, just outside of Siena, this wine is not Super Tuscan and not Chianti. Montevertine in my opinion is exceedingly special in the world of Tuscan wines. Made primarily of Sangiovese with the remaining parts of the blend coming from the local varietals Canaiolo and Colorino. They left the Chianti Consortium because they refuse to use Trebbiano in their blend. They avoided becoming a Super Tuscan wine because they saw no use in adding cabernet sauvignon or Syrah, varietals that the Manetti family (owners of the estate) do not believe fully represent good Tuscan wines. The Manetti family believes in Sangiovese and in the quality that their estate can produce. It is excellent with aged pecorino cheese and giant Fiorentina Steaks.

If you’re so inclined, the Manetti family also produces one of the best olive oils made in Italy. Montevertine olive oil ($80) is truly magnificent drizzled over a grilled steak or even over steak tartare.

Pecorino Foglie Di Noci
Emilia-Romagna, Italy
$30 per pound

Pecorino Foglie Di Noci is one of my favorite cheeses from one of my favorite places. Emilia-Romagna is a beautiful part of Italy (also where Ferrari is made), nestled just north of Tuscany. The artisans of this area may make some of the best sheep’s milk cheeses in the country. This one is aged for a few months in caves and the cheese itself is covered in walnut leaves. The cheese is quite literally nutty in flavor and sweet, as a good sheep’s milk cheese should be.

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  Montevertine Toscana I.G.T. 2010 $60.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Pecorino Foglie Di Noci $30.00*


  1/2 lb Pecorino Foglie Di Noci $15.00


  1/4 lb Pecorino Foglie Di Noci $7.50*




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