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Lorena Tartufi Truffle Peaches

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Crunchy, sour, bitter, salty and oh-so-truffle-licous (yes we just made that up!) these green dwarf truffled peaches are like nothing you've ever tried!

In the fall, before winter arrives the farmers pick the unripe peaches, so theydo not go to waste. Then, they pickle them in vinegar to conserve the peaches and consume them like any other pickle. They look like large green olives but since they are picked before maturity, the pit is not yet developed. It adds a pleasant crunch and acidity to
any salad or carpaccio and at the same time it perfumes your dish with the pleasant aroma of truffles. They also pair wonderfully with any mildcheese, such as Istara. Slice the peaches superthin and place on top of the cheese, or pop the wholepeach in your mouth after a bite of cheese. Chop them finely and put in pasta with a bit of the truffle oil. Delicious.

Productcontains no preservatives or colorings and no gluten.

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  1 Jar- 17.63 $40.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 Jar- 6.35 oz $18.00 (currently out of stock)




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