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Weekly Pairing 6/18/2012

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Cantina Santadi
"Villa Solais"
Vermentino Di Sardegna D.O.C.

Made in the Sulcis area of Sardegna located in the southwest of the island, the Cantina Santadi displays all the things I love in Italian white wines. It has plenty of coastal influence giving the wine salinity and minerality, and making it great with seafood. It is high in acid and lightly fruity making it great to drink on a warm day by the pool. The wine is not complex or fancy, just perfect at the table to be enjoyed with family and friends while dining al fresco.

Made from 70% Vermentino and 30% Nuragus, the wine is distinctly Italian in its DNA. Vermentino is one of the most widely planted and popular white grapes of Sardinia, while Nuragus comes originally from the area of Cagliari, and has been planted and made into wine by farmers since planted by the Phoenicians in the 13th century B.C.E.

A very pleasant wine made to be drunk young (don't be scared of the screwcap)...enjoy it chilled, with a little cheese.

Pecorino Sardo
Sardinia, Italy

Literally meaning "sheeps milk from Sardinia", this is a simple peasant cheese. The version we are offering in our pairing is aged no longer than 6 months. It is grassy yet sweet, brittle yet moist. It is nicely balanced and would work well over pasta just as it would being eaten after dinner.

Dried Cilento Figs
With Lemon Zest and Almonds
$22 for 11oz

From the Provence of Salerno in the region of Campania where some of the best figs in all of Italy hail. They are absolutely delicious! Try them on your next antipasto platter.

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  "Villa Solais" Vermentino Di Sardegna D.O.C. 2011 $15.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Pecorino Sardo $30.00*


  1/2 lb Pecorino Sardo $15.00*


  Dried Cilento Figs With Lemon Zest and Almonds 11 oz $22.00 (currently out of stock)




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