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Weekly Pairing 6/4/2012

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Liquid FarmRosé
Vogelzang Vineyard
Santa Barbara County

Those of us in the wine world over analyze Rosé -- what it is, what it should be, saignée vs. pressed wine, France vs. Italy vs. US versions. We often ask, "Is this a white wine dressed like a red wine, or a red wine impersonating a white?"

At the end of the day though, we drink wine for pleasure, for what makes us happy, and from the look of our shelves, Liquid Farm Rosé makes us very happy. We, the CheesePeople, drink this pinky like water. We cannot keep it in stock.

Almost 100% Mourvèdre, it's California Rosé with a French accent. It's great on its own, great with food, great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's as complex as it is uncomplicated. I say drink it, drink a lot of it, but stock a bottle or two for yourself. It'll be gone soon and you'll want some as the weather cools this fall. With only 4 barrels made, this may be the best kept secret in the southern California wine world.

Chèvre with Tarragon
$20 each for 6oz

Delicate, beautiful, light, fluffy, goats milk cheese garnished with fresh tarragon. It's almost like gilding the lily, as the cheese is great and aromatic and silky on its own. But the tarragon adds touches of cinnamon and clove to the lemon citrus of the goats milk. Great with Rosés, especially Liquid Farm.

Blueberry and Tarragon
$14 each

Wonderful! This week, it's really about the tarragon connection. It's unbelievable!


Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  Liquid Farm Rosé $25.00 (currently out of stock)

  Chèvre with Tarragon- 1 Whole Piece- 6 oz $20.00*




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