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Weekly Pairing 5/14/2012

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Sierras de Málaga D.O.
Moscatel Seco

This outstanding old vine Muscat, made from the Alexandria Clone, is simply superb well made wine. Grown on the north facing slopes of Almáchar, this dry muscat is aged mostly in stainless steel but also a touch of old oak to add texture and roundness.

This wine is wonderfully aromatic, light in texture and smooth on the palate -- quite different than most of the wines that are imported and made for famed Spanish importer Jorge Ordóñez. The reason for this is that his sister manages this property!

Victoria Ordóñez is an absolute delight to be around, and to hear her talk about the area of Málaga can instantly transport you to Spain. I was first properly introduced to this wine over dinner with Victoria at The Bazaar Restsurant. The wine was transcendent even in the face of all the molecular madness that Chef José Andrés put before us.

The food was so complicated and had so much going on, but the wine was refreshingly simple. It held its own with all of the concoctions and even stood slightly above the food, elevating what the chef had brought us. Botani is great with grilled shellfish, lightly spiced dishes and with fresh fruits.


Made from goats milk in Catalonia in the north of Spain, this is my favorite Spanish goats milk of the moment. It has all the acidity of a fresh goats milk cheese and aromatics of cardomom, cinnamon, and fresh herbs that keep it lively and balanced as an aged cheese. Also an excellent melter...try it melted on a bit of toast with some Guava Marmalade.

Something sweet...
Guava Marmalade
Product of Mexico

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  Botani Sierras de Málaga D.O. Moscatel Seco 2010 $20.00 (currently out of stock)

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  Guayeco Guava Marmalade 12oz. $10.00




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