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"Weekly Pairing 4/9/2012"

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Dragonette Cellars2009
Sauvignon Blanc
Santa Ynez Valley, CA
600 cases made

Hand made and bottled by John & Steve Dragonette with Brandon Sparks-Gillis. These men are producing some of the most exciting wines made in California and their 2009 sauvignon blanc is no exception, one of Santa Barbara's best. It is a wonderful expression of the Sauvignon Blanc varietal, showing plenty of the tropical flavors expected from a wine from Santa Ynez; yet, it has the elegance of a European wine. A lot of that has to do with these three winemakers doing a few things that make very good wine: firstly, they know their vineyards sources - they are constantly out and aware of what is going on in the field. Also, they pick not only when the grapes are ripe, but when they are balanced to create a good wine. Lastly, they do not interfere with what has been given to them -- their wines are not over oaked, nor too steely, but balanced. Not only do I recommend their Sauvignon Blanc, but anything with a Dragonette label on it!

Humboldt Fog

Made in Arcata, in Humboldt County, and named for the fog that rolls in off the Pacific Ocean, this may be the best American goat cheese. Now in its 20th year of production, it has all the bells and whistles that cheese can have. It is a French style cheese made with a penicillium mold on the rind that is the catalyst for its ripening and becoming ooey-gooey. It has excellent flavor and a line of vegetable ash through the middle. Wildly popular and still super consistent, it is one of our most popular cheeses, as well as a cheese we like to take home and enjoy ourselves. It pairs well with many white wines, but I recommend it with the Dragonette.

Something sweet...

Bona Dea
Rangpur Lime Marmalade
Santa Barbara, CA
$14 each

Keeping it local and awesome, try this marmalade with the cheese. Just like the wine, it hails from just north of us in Santa Barbara. This marmalade is sweet and sour...a perfect accompaniment to goats milk cheeses.

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  Dragonette Cellars 2009 Sauvignon Blanc $25.00 (currently out of stock)

  Humboldt Fog 1 lb $30.00*


  Humboldt Fog 1/2 lb $15.00*


  Bona Dea Rangpur Lime Marmalade $14.00 (currently out of stock)




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