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Valais, Switzerland

The world’s most famous melting cheese, Raclette is made in the Alps on both sides of the French-Swiss border. Raclette is the name of the cheese as well as its famous dish, and is derived from the term "racler", meaning to scrape, describing how the dish is traditionally prepared. The cheese is melted - a half wheel is placed in a fireplace, or on a raclette machine, then the melted top surface is continuously scraped off. The melted cheese is then layered atop boiled potatoes, thick pieces of ham, fresh vegetables and cornichons…

Raclette has a semi-soft interior dotted with small holes and a rosy inedible rind. Eaten as a table cheese, Raclette has a smooth, creamy taste that is neither too salty nor sharp. The French version is perhaps a bit softer than Swiss Raclette, and our French Raclette is unpasteurized and does tend to have a strong, pungent aroma that is not for the timid.

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Switzerland Cow 

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  1 lb Swiss Raclette $30.00


  1/2 lb Swiis Raclette $15.00




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