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Weekly Pairing 3/ 5 /2012

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"Listen With The Ear of Your Heart" 2008 Red Car Wine Company Sonoma Coast, Campbell Ranch $35
Le Brouère, $35/lb
O'Henry Peach Conserve $16 for 8oz.

The 2008 Sonoma Coast, Campbell Ranch is tasting perfectly right now. It is our house wine, and we have 5 cases left from the original 25 produced from a hand chosen barrel picked during one of my tasting excursions north. The label was designed was Siobhan, long time CSBH employee, and Red Car was co-founded by her late husband, Mark Estrin. His partner, Carroll Kemp, does all the winemaking now. It's all in the family at The Cheese Store, all the time.

This Pinot has all the bells and whistles of Sonoma Coast: lean to medium body, excellent acidity and tannins, fruit flavors of medium ripe strawberries and dried cherries and Asian spices. As Pinot Noir is found in Alsace, I think it is a perfect match to Le Brouère, especially with a little June Taylor excellence thrown in.

Le Broučre is a 12 kg cow's milk alpine cheese from the Voges mountains in Alsace. Its concave edge is heavily sculptured with scenes of its native birds and forest found in this region of France. Aging for 2 years gives this fabulous cheese a sweet and nutty finish that lasts for many minutes on the palate.

The veddy British June Taylor provides some of the best conserves and marmalades in the state. Her O'Henry Peach Conserve, straight from her kitchen in Berkeley, "The Still Room," is a hand cut, small batch, stove top conserve made with locally grown fresh fruit from small family farms. June uses minimal sugar and no pectin in all of her gems. The O'Henry Peach is an old clone that is known for intense, full-bodied varietal flavors.

A dollop of this on the Le Broučre with our Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir will make many a CheesePeople very very happy! Enjoy.

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  1 bottle "Listen With The Ear of Your Heart" 2008 Red Car Wine Company Pinot Noir $35.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Le Broučre $35.00* (currently out of stock)

  1/2 lb Le Broučre $17.50* (currently out of stock)

  O'Henry Peach Conserve- 8oz. $16.00 (currently out of stock)




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